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My Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 TS Lusso

BY late 2011, my blue Alfa 147 was over nine years old and, despite the fact that it was still in excellent condition and drove beautifully, I reckoned it was time for a newer model. In October 2011, I part-exchanged it at a used car dealership in Cornwall, and took possession of a very smart … Continue reading

My Alfa 147

FIVE minutes behind of the wheel of my 147 helped me get over my sorrow at parting with my beloved 156. The new one was a metallic blue 2002 model. Its 2-litre engine was smooth and responsive and the car was a joy to drive. Although I had formed a deep and meaningful relationship with … Continue reading

My Alfa Romeo 156

MUCH as I liked the 145, as I became familiar with the various models of Alfa Romeo I realised that its bigger brother, the 156, was a truly beautiful car. And when I spotted a 1999 T-registered four-door 156 in black on the forecourt of Red Motori at Spetisbury, near Blandford, in late 2003, I … Continue reading

My Alfa Romeo 145

(Picture not the actual car) THIS was my first non-company car for nearly 16 years. Knowing I intended leaving the company in April 2002, I began reviving an interest in cars in the knowledge that I would have to spend my own money buying one. All good sense told me to go for something with … Continue reading

My Audi A3

(Picture is not the actual car) I HAD wanted another Audi ever since I sold my 100 back in 1987 when company cars came into my life. I thought the A3 was a good-looking car and I was thrilled when I was finally able to persuade my employers to buy me one in 2000. It … Continue reading

My Toyota Carina

MY next company-owned Carina was a red five-door version which I got around 1996. Its registration was N135PCG. It proved every bit as reliable and comfortable as the white one had been. Most of its working life was spent either on the daily commute or on business journeys around the south of England. However, I … Continue reading

My Toyota Carina E

(Picture is not the actual car) AFTER a few months of rental cars to tide me over after having my Vauxhall Cavalier stolen, I took delivery of a shiny new company car in late 1992 or early 1993. I had chosen the Toyota Carina E after considerable research and I have to confess that, while … Continue reading

My Vauxhall Cavalier

(Picture is not the actual car) PROMOTION at work in February 1990 was accompanied by my next company car inherited from my predecessor. The white Vauxhall Cavalier was bought new a few months earlier. Its registration was G622OHO and it was a 1.6-litre, 5-door model. Like the Escort, it may not sound exciting now but … Continue reading

My Ford Escort 1.4L

(Picture is not the actual car) AFTER five months when I had to endure a tatty old Escort estate as my first-ever company car, the day finally arrived in April 1987 when I was able to go to a showroom and collect a brand, spanking new car. It was a dark blue Ford Escort 1.4L, … Continue reading

My Triumph TR7

(Picture is not the actual car) IT seemed like a good idea at the time. The TR7 belonged to Mrs Mouth and was proving unreliable, impractical and quite unsuitable for her needs. By now I had a company car for everyday needs but the Escort Estate was no fun so a solution was clear: I’d … Continue reading