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Barns continue to unearth treasures

IF there are two words that are guaranteed to get classic car enthusiasts foaming at the mouth with excitement, those words are ‘barn find’. They immediately conjure up images of rare old vehicles that have lain half-buried in straw for half a century, just waiting to be discovered and admired. Judging by the frequency with … Continue reading

British car industry back in the fast lane

IT’S a very long time since Britain had a motor industry to be proud of but we have now – and it’s playing a major role in powering this country towards a prosperous future. Once we were at the very centre of world car production. We built great cars. Everyone wanted to buy them, tens … Continue reading

Charge rage leads to electric car code

WITH new technologies come new problems: the trend towards electric cars is outpacing the installation of plug-in points and the result is being called ‘charge rage’. Owners of electric vehicles – or EVs – may be spared the business of queuing at the petrol pumps but a general shortage of charging points is apparently sparking … Continue reading

The wiper’s next for the scrapyard

TRANSPORT a motorist from 20 years ago into the driver’s seat of a brand new car today and he’d be probably be mystified Bit by bit, technology has brought so many changes to the day-to-day operation of the 21st century car that it has become almost unrecognisable. Think about it: on the high-end marques, you’ll … Continue reading