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Spanish carmakers’ 60-year milestone

IT may be that the SEAT brand has only really entered the public consciousness in recent years but, in fact, the Spanish marque has a long and distinguished history. We can forgive them for their insistence that their name is spelt out in capital letters, presumably so people in the English-speaking world don’t think they’re … Continue reading

The Forester route to true happiness

MY friend Colin has never exactly ‘pushed the envelope’, to coin a piece of modern jargon. He’s never been a regular visitor to life’s cutting edge. Safety first has long been Colin’s motto, caution his watchword. Colin’s never late for appointments, buses, trains, aeroplanes, lunch. He has no time for fancy dans or flash harrys. … Continue reading

Classic vehicles in the perfect setting

THE timeless, aristocratic beauty of a great English manor house and the enduring fascination of motor vehicles from bygone days created a perfect combination for Dorset Vintage and Classic Auctions’ autumn sale. The house and grounds of Athelhampton House, just outside Puddletown, provided the backdrop as scores of buyers, sellers and spectators filled a marquee … Continue reading

Car industry is in forward gear

THE start of September marked the arrival of the half-yearly shot-in-the-arm for the UK car industry with the release of the new 63-prefix number plates. Somehow these little landmarks don’t seem to carry the same visual impact as they did in the days when a shiny new prefix or suffix letter was unveiled and those … Continue reading

It’s all systems Go for the Datsun revival

IT may seem hard to believe now but there was a time, not so very long ago, when a ‘foreign car’ in the UK was probably a Renault or a Volkswagen. Most cars were British – foreign meant European. Then in the early 1970s, when we all had big hair, silly trousers and spent half … Continue reading

Wealthy Surrey is the soft-top capital

THE leafy borough of Elmbridge in Surrey is posh and it knows it. Up to its eyebrows in celebrity residents, its average house price is £623,576 and its affluent residents paid more income tax last year than the whole of Glasgow. And it’s probably no coincidence that Elmbridge, known in some circles as Britain’s Beverly … Continue reading

Few mourners for endangered species

THE Austin Allegro is such an endangered species, it is almost on the point of extinction. Whether this revelation dismays or delights you is a matter of personal taste. Also on the brink are a number of other monstrosities that once besmirched the fine tradition of the Austin badge – Montego, Maxi, Maestro, Metro and … Continue reading

Brooklands becomes little Italy for a day

BRILLIANT sunshine all around and blood-red supercars as far as the eye could see, the setting might almost have been the Italian Riviera; only the burgers and the anoraks gave the game away. This was Brooklands in Surrey, one of the world’s most iconic and historic motor-racing venues, and the event was the 27th annual … Continue reading

Classic cars can be a great investment

YOU know the feeling – you’ve got a few thousand pounds just sitting there in the top drawer of your kitchen dresser or kicking around in an old shoe-box and you can’t decide how to make the most of it. Well the investment arm of Motor Mouth’s giant corporation is here to help and advise: … Continue reading

Historic taxi may go for a bomb at auction

HAVING survived the Blitz and lugged about an unexploded bomb for a while, a car believed to be the last surviving Morris London Taxi is about to be sold at auction. Originally an export model called the Empire Oxford and intended to boost overseas sales, poor uptake from abroad meant many of the 1,700 vehicles … Continue reading