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Motoring life on a warmer planet

WITH the arrival of wintry weather and widespread forecasts of worse to come, motoring experts are elbowing one another aside in order to pass on their pearls of wisdom. As well as the usual, common-sense advice like driving more cautiously, employing a gentler right foot on brake and accelerator and so on, there have been … Continue reading

Resistance is futile – it’s time for a change

THERE comes a time, every once in a while, when a chap needs to change his car. It’s not necessarily for any good reason – it’s just an urge thing. I’d like to say it’s because the old one was unreliable, or too thirsty, or that I needed something bigger/smaller/more economical/greener or whatever. But if … Continue reading

Geely to lead the Chinese invasion

FIRST there was the Japanese invasion and more recently the Koreans have made big inroads into the British car market. Now it’s China’s turn to grab a slice of the action. The Chinese carmaker Geely has announced that it is to launch in the UK, with the first cars arriving here in less than a … Continue reading

Atalanta next on revival list

THERE seems to be no end to the trend for all things retro, which is probably a good thing as far as the contents of my wardrobe are concerned. The latest revival in the world of motoring is the imminent resurrection of Atalanta Motors, a small British sports car manufacturer that ceased production during the … Continue reading

Honda tops the reliability league

IT wasn’t so very long ago that mentioning you owned a 4×4 was not acceptable in polite company. It was the devil incarnate, the gas-guzzling monster at the root of the planet’s problems of global warming and the over-reliance on fossil fuels. Then the carmakers – or at least most of them – got the … Continue reading

Long-distance travel – it’s what planes are for

WE have just got home after a 1,700-mile, four-day drive from the heel of Italy. It was amazingly, spectacularly, extraordinarily . . . boring! It wasn’t the first time Mrs Mouth and I have completed this particular odyssey and it certainly wasn’t the worst. But it was the last time because we have decided that … Continue reading

Electric highway leads to the future

AN Electric Highway around Britain could bring an end to a condition known as ‘range anxiety’ and unclog the impasse that has been delaying a mass switchover to electric cars. Deadlock has stymied the industry for some time – people are reluctant to buy electric cars because of the shortage of charging points while companies … Continue reading

Car clocking is on the increase

EVEN in these security-conscious times when people with enormous great brains have come up with ingenious ways to outsmart dodgy geezers as thick as a pair of planks, sometimes the baddies still find ways of beating the odds. Car clockers – unscrupulous sellers who turn back the clock on their car’s mileage readings – are … Continue reading

High Roller finds its place in history

WHEN Allen Swift graduated from college in 1928, his wealthy father bought him rather a nice gift to mark the occasion – a spanking new Rolls-Royce roadster. It was, needless to say, in America since that sort of cash – and that sort of parent – was pretty thin on the ground this side of … Continue reading

Flying dogs need to be grounded

A MEDIUM-sized dog, unrestrained on the back seat of a car involved in a 30mph crash, would be propelled forward with the force equal to a baby elephant. It would almost certainly be curtains for dog, driver and anyone else in the way. Goodness knows how many people drive around with loose dogs inside their … Continue reading