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The charge into an electric future

AS we arrive on the cusp of another year, it could be said that the motor industry is also reaching a major crossroads in its development. A century and a bit on since the switch from living, breathing horsepower to the internal combustion engine, the whole business of personal transport is in the throes of … Continue reading

Be brave – it’ll soon be over

APPARENTLY it’s nearly Christmas, a time of goodwill to all men, with the exception of miserable Malcolm from down our road, Jehovah’s Witnesses everywhere and the ever-gloomy residents of the West Midlands. I’m not sure, either, that I can spare any of my admittedly limited goodwill for Janet Street-Porter, Jonathan Ross, Adrian Chiles, Garth Crooks, … Continue reading

The MoT test: is it time for a change?

SHOULD the UK soften its stance on the MoT inspection? It’s an issue that is currently under discussion in the corridors of power and which is causing sharply divided opinions. At the moment vehicles in this country have to be tested when they reach three years old. Thereafter they have to go through an annual … Continue reading

Fifty years of the yellow peril

THEY’RE right up there, vying for top spot in the unpopularity charts, just above tax collectors, estate agents and journalists and only marginally below wheel-clampers and Nick Clegg. Yes, we are talking traffic wardens. They seem to have been part of the British motoring landscape for ever, these figures who generate fear and fury in … Continue reading

The dearest dealer – at £190 an hour

IN the perhaps unlikely event that you should be planning a move to Hertfordshire, you should be awfully careful if you intend to get your car serviced. A dealer there is waiting to sting you with the highest labour charge in the country – a cool £190 an hour. When you think of all the … Continue reading

Donington banks on a long, proud history

THE future of one of Britain’s greatest race circuits, Donington Park, has been assured with the news that it is to launch its own annual Historic Festival. After its failed attempt to wrest the British Grand Prix from Silverstone, Donington is setting out to grab some of the business that has revitalised Goodwood in recent … Continue reading

A grand old visitor heads for the coast

THE first Škoda model ever produced, the Voiturette A, visited Britain for the first time to take part in the recent London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. The origins of what was to become Škoda Auto began in 1894, when mechanic Václav Laurin and his bookseller pal Václav Klement set up a bicycle repair shop. … Continue reading

Leaf leads the electric charge

IF we had any doubt over whether or not electric cars would move in from the oddball margins of the motoring world and go fully mainstream, the clearest sign yet has just arrived. The extraordinary all-electric Nissan Leaf, due to go on sale in Europe early next year, is the talking-point inclusion in the seven-strong … Continue reading

Drones and leakers on the danger list

MILLIONS of British motorists prefer driving alone because they find their passengers so annoying, a new survey has revealed. As we get older, we become far less tolerant of the irritating habits of the people who sit beside or behind us when we’re at the wheel. An average motorist apparently takes only six minutes before … Continue reading

Mondeo voted best used car

MOST of us inhabitants of Planet Real World tend to look at new car awards with the same detached interest that we watch the Hollywood Oscars or the World Cup in South Africa – all very nice and swish but as relevant to our day-to-day lives as a sharp increase in the price of diamonds. … Continue reading