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The sad demise of a famous marque

THIS is a time of the year when a death takes an extra poignancy, even when it’s not wholly unexpected. So it is with the demise of one of Europe’s most famous motoring marques, Saab. Its owner, the sickly giant General Motors, has announced that its efforts to find a buyer for the Swedish carmaker … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s world may be all-electric

A CURIOUS little fleet of 40 two-seater MINIs are blazing a trail into tomorrow’s world of motoring. The cars are powered by electricity and have been supplied to members of the public for them to test drive and report back to the owners, the BMW Group. The idea is that two test sessions, of six … Continue reading

Royal favourite for a roadside rescue

YOUR car’s broken down at the roadside and you don’t know your big end from your ball joint. There’s no-one around to rescue you and desperation is starting to set in. Suddenly, an official motorcade comes into view and salvation is at hand. But who would you like to glimpse sitting in the plush leather … Continue reading

Triumphant end to Polo’s journey

THEY must have made a few improvements to the Volkswagen Polo since Mrs Mouth used to charge around in one a few years ago. Hers was a nasty, tinny little thing, desperately under-endowed on build quality, practicality and reliability. It cost a bomb in repairs and wasn’t even fun to drive. Even Mrs Mouth, who … Continue reading

950th time lucky for a gritty gran

THERE must be a lot of money in vegetables in South Korea. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d have cause to write, especially in the motoring pages. A pensioner from the city of Jeonju is reported to have laid out more than £2,600 on application fees for her driving test theory. You’ll be … Continue reading

Present tense at Christmas

HOW can it be coming up to Christmas again? I’ve hardly finished moaning about what a rotten summer we had, scarcely got used to the autumn leaves smashing into the ground and suddenly the P-word raises its head again – yes, presents. Where did 2009 go? If we’re homing in on the season of ill-will … Continue reading

Alto sets the pace in fuel challenge

    THERE are probably as many different reasons for choosing which car to buy as there are types of people who buy them. Some will go for comfort, others for looks, some for performance, others for economy. Some will want room for a growing brood of children or dogs, others will want a soft-top … Continue reading

Indian car plans go up in smoke

GOING for a burn-up seems to have taken on a rather worrying meaning in India lately – and it has nothing to do with prawn vindaloos. At least three motorists have reported that their Tata Nanos – for the uninitiated, they are cars, in a manner of speaking – have spontaneously combusted. There are many … Continue reading

The weird world of car accessories

SLIDE your vinyl disc into the dashboard-mounted record player, check your dancing Elvis doll is fixed firmly to your mirror and be sure your musical air horns are primed for action – yep, this is accessorised motoring, 60s-style. Kitsch was the fashion – still is, for many – and the whole crazy shebang is best … Continue reading

Bugatti tops the fantasy charts

  MORE men dream of driving a Bugatti Veyron with Cheryl Cole snuggled up beside them than any other motoring fantasy, according to the findings of a poll. For the uninitiated, the Bugatti Veyron is the world’s fastest car, capable of 253mph, and costing so much money it makes your eyes water just to think … Continue reading