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A right Royale mystery solved

I’D be the first to admit that, when it comes to car knowledge, I am far more anorak than expert. Which is why I didn’t recognise the beautiful set of wheels sitting modestly among the Vauxhall Astrae and Ford Foci in a public car park in downtown Blandford the other day. Worse still was that, … Continue reading

Freedom of the roads – the ideal gift

ONE of the increasingly few things I like about Christmas is the absence of heavy traffic on the roads. There’s usually a little window of opportunity that starts early in the afternoon of Christmas Eve, when most people have presumably finished their shopping and settled themselves down for a few days on the sofa, glued … Continue reading

Tales of men, mud and motorcycles

TWO-wheeled forms of transport quickly became a thing of the past for me once I got my first car and experienced the convenience of travel without the cold and wet factor. There’s much to be said for the thrills of the wind in your hair and the power of a noisy engine underneath your bottom, … Continue reading

Motor industry at the crossroads

THE motor industry has spent a century or more evolving slowly and steadily. It has weathered economic and social hurricanes, set and followed trends of fashion or necessity, but by and large, its progress has been fairly unruffled. Now, suddenly, it is in the throes of the greatest turmoil it has ever encountered as it … Continue reading

Saintly motor makes a showy comeback

MANY cars over the years have become known more for their television roles than for any actions carefully planned by their marketing teams. The Reliant Robin three-wheeler, for instance, was a quirky nonentity until Delboy brought it fame by driving it around the streets of Peckham in ‘Only Fools and Horses’. The old 1100 is … Continue reading

Charlie parks his cab – after 60 years

THERE can’t be many more stressful places to drive than in London, especially in the days before Ken Livingstone’s congestion charge thinned things out a bit. An hour or two of battling through clogged traffic, stationary queues, impatient horn-tooting drivers, traffic lights, one-way systems and diversions, and most of us are ready to head for … Continue reading

Insignia edges out Fiesta to snatch European title

THE new Vauxhall Insignia has upset the odds and confounded the pundits by winning the coveted European Car of the Year crown for 2009 in a photo-finish. The contest may not have generated quite the drama of Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One title of a couple of weeks earlier, but the Insignia’s success in this very … Continue reading

Super models brought such festive delight

IN far-off days long before children’s Christmas presents needed either a degree in electronics or an everlasting supply of batteries, Dinky Toys were an obsession for me and my mates. We all had our own particular take on them, of course: which were our favourites, how and where we played with them, who was permitted … Continue reading

Red-letter day for Alfa fans

THE presence of a rare new supercar brought a buzz of excitement and the thunderous bark of a race-bred V8 engine to a Dorset village on Saturday. Businessman Brett Edbrook had brought his spanking new Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione along to be admired and worshipped at Italian car specialists Red Motori, run by his long-time … Continue reading

Where women drivers take a back seat

IN a week when Lewis Hamilton struck a significant blow for equality among human beings by becoming the first black man to win the Formula One drivers championship, we are reminded that equality is not the order of things everywhere. Iran, a country hardly renowned for treating its womenfolk as the equals of men, has … Continue reading