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Enough to give drivers the hump

YOU may not have heard of Great Wyrley (pop 1,566), a small parish in south Staffordshire in the English Midlands. But should you be planning a visit or even thinking of passing through it, you’d be well advised to be on your guard. For there, in a thoroughfare that goes by the unremarkable name of … Continue reading

A big noise in the city

IF I were to list all the things in modern motoring that drive me to hair-tugging distraction and unreasonable fury, I’d probably make Victor Meldrew seem as tolerant and equable as Mother Teresa. So I won’t. But if I did, then right up there near the top of the hate parade of things that send … Continue reading

Bike business is booming

FOUR would be my absolute minimum requirement when it comes to the number of wheels attached to my preferred means of road transport. Three-wheelers are just plain silly or embarrassing, desperately lacking in ‘street cred’ for anyone other than Del Boy and Rodney Trotter. Two-wheeled forms of movement were fine when I was young. I … Continue reading

The down side of the car insurance war

CAR insurance has become truly gigantic business in the modern world and, even if the premiums sometimes seem astronomical, there is no doubt that it is a fiercely competitive business. It’s impossible to switch on the TV, log on to the internet or pick up a newspaper without being implored to go to one firm … Continue reading

Busy going nowhere to learn the new ropes

I’VE spent quite a lot of time in the car this week without really getting anywhere much. Mostly I’ve been sitting outside my house. Occasionally I’ve been parked in some off-the-beaten-track pull-in or in a lay-by beside a busy main road. One afternoon I spent two hours at the wheel without even leaving my garage. … Continue reading

A sad farewell to an old friend

I’VE tried really hard to play it cool. After all, excitement of the can’t-keep-still variety is for children, isn’t it? Grown-ups are patient people and are supposed to take things in their stride. But I’m rather embarrassed to admit that I really am very, very excited and I can’t wait for Thursday. No, it’s not … Continue reading

High-tech solution to parking problems

THE tricky business of manoeuvring your car into a tight parking space could be a problem consigned to motoring history if the latest spark of genius to emerge from the motor industry’s brains department catches on. Robot parking is the name of the game and some of the world’s most advanced, high-tech car-builders have had … Continue reading

The car’s the star – with a £4m price tag

SOMEBODY went to a rather smart car auction in London last week and paid almost £4 million for a 70-year-old Mercedes-Benz. To be precise, the car was a 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Spezial Roadster, part of a collection built up by Formula One big-shot Bernie Ecclestone, and the auctioneer’s hammer clunked down at £3,967,125. The star … Continue reading

A survey not worth two hoots

ACCORDING to the latest bit of motoring nonsense to land digitally on my virtual desk courtesy of some slavering PR outfit desperate to blag some publicity for its client, drivers in London are the most patriotic in the land because – wait for it – 29 per cent say they would beep their horns if … Continue reading

All I want for Christmas is a Lambo bauble

CALLING supercar fans – if you fancy the idea of finding something gleaming orange and bearing the famous Lamborghini emblem under your Christmas tree this year, I have great news. No, it’s not a visit from the Lottery people with a big fat cheque or a gigantic legacy from a distant aunt – in fact, … Continue reading