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Women drivers are choosier

IF that primitive species, the Male Chauvinist Pig, is still alive in this country – yes, of course we all know he is – then one safe refuge for him is the motor industry, where classic examples can be found everywhere from the workshop to the saleroom. They can deny it all they like but … Continue reading

A crash course in accident protocol

YOU’RE driving along a motorway. There’s plenty of traffic but at least it’s moving quickly and smoothly. Then suddenly, in the distance, you see a flash of brake lights and you know your journey’s about to be disrupted. The trail of lights spreads quickly back towards you and soon you have to slow, probably to … Continue reading

The gender benders

WE live, it seems, in the age of the surveyor. Not the sort who holds a tape measure in one hand and a theodolite in the other but the sort who interrogates people and deals in the murky world of completely useless statistics. The motor industry is plagued with surveys. Hardly a day goes by … Continue reading

All change on the buses

I HAD cause the other day to travel on a bus. It was the first time I had done it for more years than I care to remember. Things have changed – but others, sadly, have stayed the same. The bus arrived late. Very late. More than 20 minutes late. Apparently there had been an … Continue reading

Bumpy ride for sports cars

  NO sooner does TVR, an iconic if quirky British-built sports car, announce the closure of its Blackpool factory with the intention of switching production overseas than another of our elite car-builders leaps into the spotlight. This time it is Bristol, a classic name for aficionados but little-known to the general public, which is making … Continue reading

A little light relief

A LEADING road expert has come up with a formidable new weapon in the battle to make our streets safer: fear. Make road-users afraid and they’ll be more cautious – that’s his theory. And the main plank in his curiously refreshing strategy is to do away with most traffic lights. Hans Monderman, one of Europe’s … Continue reading

A winning combination

THOSE who champion the merits of British carmakers tend to look at their shoes or suddenly discover a pressing household chore to do when the talk turns to car reliability. Over the years we have grown painfully accustomed to the crowing of supporters of vehicles that have reached our shores after a long journey, usually … Continue reading

An object of fantasy

SLICE the front off a Porsche Boxster, weld onto it the roof of a Jaguar XK, stretch it out to give it four doors and four seats, power it with a toned-down diesel engine and what have you got? Apart from brain ache trying to imagine what it would all look like and how it … Continue reading

Beware the brats in the back

MOANING, misbehaving children are sending the stress levels of Britain’s motoring parents soaring, a new report unsurprisingly reveals. The dreadful behaviour or the brats in the back is undermining the concentration of the poor, pressurised mother or father striving against impossible odds to pilot them all safely from A to B. The report, which stems … Continue reading

Enterprise reaches new frontiers

THE fortunes of Citroën appear to have been on something of an upward curve. This most French of French carmakers has been churning out distinctive and successful models for a while now. Virtually every model in their current range, from the little C1 town car right up to the big limousines and MPVs, seems to … Continue reading