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A classic braves the elements

ONE of the few vehicles braving the snow in Blandford this morning – and almost the only one that wasn’t a 4×4 – was this handsome 1968 Morris Oxford. They obviously bred them tough 50 years ago!  

A Spider that can bite

INTEREST rates are rubbish, the Stock Market’s a gamble and the nest-egg that was going to give you a steady little income into your dotage has reneged on the deal. So where do you put your savings? The clever money, we are assured by the financial experts, is being invested in things – not things … Continue reading

Breakdowns DO still happen

BREAKDOWNS? They’re a thing of the past, aren’t they? Cars parked at the roadside, steam pouring from beneath the bonnet and, often, from the driver’s ears, are sights from bygone days, surely? Well, not entirely, it seems. They’re certainly not as common as they were in past years, when British Leyland ruled the road, for … Continue reading

Pininfarina’s greatest car designs

SERGIO Pininfarina, arguably the world’s greatest ever car designer, died on July 2, aged 85. The son of Battista Farina, who founded the Pininfarina dynasty, he took over as president of the Turin-based coachbuilder in 1966 following his father’s death. Paying tribute, Luca di Montezemolo, chairman of Ferrari, described him as “a great advocate of … Continue reading

A look at automobiles past

Aston Martin in town

PARKED in Blandford market place on Sunday morning was this beautiful old powder-blue Aston Martin – a DB2, probably.

GM Design: 85 years of making art

As GM Design celebrates its 85th birthday this month, the 1,900 men and women in GM’s 10 global design centres are focused on the future, united in their vision to entice consumers to see vehicles as they do: art that moves you. “Our global team is united around its passion for designing vehicles that make … Continue reading

Cardboard art

BRITISH artist Chris Gilmour, 34, creates amazing lifelike art using just cardboard and glue. His works range from an Aston Martin DB5 and Fiat 500 to a Harley-Davidson. The objects are so realistic that during past exhibitions people have tried to interact with them as if they were real items, just covered in paper. Gilmour … Continue reading

American gas stations of the 1920s

Going out in style: the world’s flashest hearses

(Article and pictures courtesy of MSN Cars)