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Cardboard art

BRITISH artist Chris Gilmour, 34, creates amazing lifelike art using just cardboard and glue. His works range from an Aston Martin DB5 and Fiat 500 to a Harley-Davidson. The objects are so realistic that during past exhibitions people have tried to interact with them as if they were real items, just covered in paper. Gilmour … Continue reading

Going out in style: the world’s flashest hearses

(Article and pictures courtesy of MSN Cars)

A kit car Swedish-style?

Cars made in strange places

MOST countries have some history of making their  own cars – but some are more unlikely than others! (Article and pictures courtesy of MSN Cars).

Building cars is not as easy as it seems

BUILDING cars is not easy. Despite this hard slice of reality, it’s amazing the number of companies that are prepared to have a stab at building them, even though they have nothing to do with cars. We’ve gathered together 12 cars created by non-car enterprises that previously had no experience in the motoring field. (Article … Continue reading

All publicity is good publicity, isn’t it?

OVER the years there have been some seriously weird publicity shots issued to the press in a bid to get some column inches. Some are eye-catching, many are intriguing while others are downright bizarre. These fall into the latter category. (Article and pictures courtesy of MSN Cars).

Engineering at its brilliant best!

Motoring Indian-style

Are you making the most of your vehicle?