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Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Honda CR-Z

NOW here’s a rarity – a newcomer that looks great, is said to be terrific fun to drive, yet still has a comforting green pedigree. Honda’s new CR-Z hybrid coupé is reaching the showrooms this month and has a price tag starting at under £17k. It is fitted with Honda’s petrol-electric hybrid system coupled with … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Citroën C-ZERO

ZERO fuel consumption, zero emissions and zero engine noise – Citroën’s new all-electric four-seater city car has all the green credentials you could wish for. As compact as they come, it is nevertheless said to be roomy enough to carry four grown-ups and nimble enough to take them swiftly and smoothly through the traffic. The … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Porsche Boxster Spyder

Porsche is one of those marques that seem always to divide opinion rather sharply: you’re either a Porsche fan or you can’t bear them. You think they have looks to die for or they’re ugly bugs not fit to occupy the same stretch of tarmac as their Italian rivals. Porsche’s image took a battering in … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Vauxhall Meriva

Vauxhall have lifted the Meriva from the small-MPV class to the five-seat compact-MPV sector with this new model – a response to larger families or larger children? Whatever, they are making quite a song and dance about the car’s clever, rear-hinged back doors, which swing open towards the back of the car and simplify entry … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Kia Sportage

I’m beginning to suspect that all the new breed of SUVs are being churned out from the same body mould somewhere and just fitted with different badges and bits. Certainly the all-new version of the Kia Sportage looks like, well, everything else, which may be the idea because it’ll probably carry a lower price tag … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Ford Focus

You have to hand it to Ford: they may have turned out a turkey or two down the years and they may, of late, have produced financial results that would make the Greek economy look buoyant, but they usually get their cars spot-on. Their workaday models are serial successes and since they began consistently blending … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Škoda Superb Estate

The most luxurious car ever to bear the Škoda badge was collecting awards and accolades even before it reached British showrooms, with the Top Gear magazine Luxury Car of the Year trophy safely tucked away in its cabinet. The manufacturers are understandably making much of the fact that it has the biggest load capacity in … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Renault Wind

A breath of fresh air? The laughably named Wind is Renault’s spanking new coupé-roadster and is likely to find plenty of customers, especially with prices starting at only £15,500. The makers say it is aimed at the motorist looking for a car that is compact and distinctive but also practical enough for daily use. The … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Nissan Juke

It may look a bit like something from a science fiction comic but this small, sporty crossover from Nissan is being tipped to be a red-hot success when it goes on sale in October. Like its big brother, the hugely successful and distinctive Qashqai, it will be built at Nissan’s Sunderland plant and blends the … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Audi A1

A serious rival to the MINI in the compact luxury segment of the new car market has been proudly unveiled by Audi in the distinctive shape of the new A1. A winning blend of small-car efficiency and economy and premium brand quality and technology, the A1 – available to order from May and due for … Continue reading