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Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Saab 9-5 saloon

Saab are making quite a song and dance about their new flagship model but there must be a danger that potential clients will by deterred by the ongoing uncertainty concerning the company’s future ownership. The Swedish outfit’s fortunes have had their ups and downs over the years and the all-new 9-5 saloon is being trumpeted … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Honda CR-V

It’s adorned with a Honda badge so you can be sure it’s going to be good and the fact that it’s being made in Swindon by British workers and exported all around the world comes as an excellent bonus. The SUV as a category may be starting to lose a little of its shine but … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: McLaren MP4-12C

By the time this high-velocity masterpiece arrives in showrooms early in 2011, McLaren reckon the state of the world’s economy will be improved enough to welcome it. The MP4-12C is the first in what the Woking-based supercar builders are calling a new range of high-performance sports cars, inspired by their Formula One pedigree. At its … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Suzuki SX4

Some people will look at the new saloon addition to Suzuki’s SX4 range and think to themselves: “Hmm, lovely. Sleek and stylish. And I can own one for less than £12,000.” But the chances are that these people are in urgent need of an optician or a psychotherapist or else they are close relatives of … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Volkswagen Golf Estate

Sensible as a cosy sweater, reliable as a faithful dog, a Golf is as close as it comes to backing a cert in the motoring stakes. It’s got build quality and street cred, refinement and a dash of pizzazz, and the fourth generation of the Golf estate is gracing VW showrooms right now. It arrives … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Maserati GranCabrio

Be still, beating heart – it may not be spring but I just know I have fallen in love. What a truly gorgeous, clutch-your-forehead, swoon-inducing Miss World of a car Maserati have unveiled to raise any petrolhead’s pulse rate. The Italian carmaker’s first-ever four-seater convertible, with its sensuous curves, courtesy of Pininfarina, and its mind-blowing … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Renault New Mégane Sport Tourer

The thing about Renaults – come to think of it, with all French cars – is that people tend either to love ’em or loathe ’em. Personally I have always belonged very much in the second category, but I can appreciate their characteristic French-ness and some of their innovative ideas. Generally, though, they always seem … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Seat Leon Cupra R

Spanish carmakers Seat have been giving masses of the olé treatment to the arrival of their most potent model to date. They’re calling the Leon Cupra R ‘awesome’, an overworked adjective at the best of times and a frequent tool of the copywriters in the motoring world. Nonetheless, the new boy does look a pretty … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Mazda CX-7

Mazda’s smart crossover SUV receives the collagen treatment with the brand’s new ‘family face’ as witnessed on the Mazda6 and Mazda3, and very nice it looks, too. The new CX-7 is powered by a high-output 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine and promises outstanding eco credentials combined with distinctly lively performance. In showrooms this month, it features … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Bentley Mulsanne

Think Buckingham Palace on wheels but quieter. This is Bentley’s sumptuous all-new flagship grand tourer, named to honour the marque’s sporting pedigree (Mulsanne is the name of a corner at Le Mans where Bentley has won six times). Conceived, styled, engineered and soon to be built at the firm’s UK headquarters in Crewe, the Mulsanne … Continue reading