2008 Car of the Week

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Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Infiniti G37 Convertible

They may be newcomers to Europe but performance car makers Infiniti have wasted little time in announcing the next addition to their range. The G37 Convertible goes on sale here next summer and borrows the curvy lines of the firm’s G37 Coupé. The new model comes with a three-piece automatically retracting hardtop, a 3.7-litre V6 … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Mazda3

Mazda make fine cars but also lead the way in the competition for the daftest marketing slogan with their ‘Zoom-Zoom’ claptrap. A four-door all-new version of their top-selling Mazda3 has been unveiled, loaded with new features and sure to continue the enormous success of the company’s sporty family model. Because of its pedigree, the Mazda3 … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Lexus IS 250C

Once considered to be more substance than style, Lexus are now producing cars with a dazzle factor to match their unquestionable engineering quality. The latest product proudly unveiled by the posh part of the gigantic Toyota empire adds some clever open-top engineering to the style of the IS saloon to create a highly appealing car. … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Porsche Cayman

In an age where so many cars look so alike, there’s no mistaking the unique snout and curvy lines of a Porsche, a true sporting aristocrat and perhaps the ultimate ‘driver’s car’. The second generation of the mid-engined Cayman sports coupé is due here in February, with the 2.9-litre basic version costing from £36,870, and … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Renault Kangoo be bop

You can usually rely on French designers to come up with something different or weird, and this latest addition to Renault’s successful New Kangoo range is certainly distinctive. Funky styling, compact dimensions, a roomy interior with MPV-style seats, and a two-tone paint job with a high-off-the-ground body – shame about the daft name. The be … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Peugeot 308 CC

Peugeot were the pioneers of the folding roof concept way back when, and have been very much at the forefront of the new breed of coupé-cabriolets. So they’re good at them. The 308 CC is – of course – bigger, winder, longer, faster, roomier, cleaner and more economical than the 307 CC it replaces and … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Suzuki Alto

If you hated last week’s Ferrari, you’ll probably fall head over heels for this: the all-new Alto, the smallest member of the Suzuki stable aimed squarely at today’s more economy-conscious motorist. It may look like an insect but Suzuki say its three-cylinder, 1-litre engine does almost 63 miles to the gallon, kicks out ultra-low emissions, … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Ferrari California

A Ferrari for all the family? Not quite, but this latest eye-popper from the Prancing Horse outfit does come with the option of either a standard two-seater or a 2+ version which sees the rear bench fitted with seats. Unveiled at last at the recent Paris show after months of hype, the car is said … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet are making quite a song and dance over the launch of their all-new ‘compact family car’ – aimed, one presumes, at compact families. The makers describe it as an entirely global car, which will be sold on all continents and become one of the firm’s core models, so they’re obviously quite pleased with it. … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Fiat Sedici 4×2

It’s a sign of the times that SUV buyers are starting to abandon the great mud-plugger monsters in favour of something more subtle and practical. The upsurge in the so-called compact SUV segment is gathering pace and Fiat’s unveiling of a daintier version of its Sedici 4×4 seems well timed. The 4×2 has its stablemate’s … Continue reading