2011 Car of the Month

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Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Volkswagen up!

Say hello to the latest contender for the title of daftest car name. The Volkswagen up! (lower-case ‘u’ and obligatory exclamation mark) is the replacement for the unexciting Fox as the company’s representative in the city car sector. The little four-seater, which reaches showrooms this month, looks like being roomy, lively and frugal. It features … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai have long been producing practical, good-value cars – but their steady ascent in the automotive hierarchy and quality league has really gained pace of late. And this sleek new coupé has so many good things about it that it could well provide the Korean carmakers with a whole new army of fans. Apart from … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the Month: Peugeot 508 RXH

A diesel engine drives the front wheels while an electric motor powers the rear ones, making this rather butch-looking newcomer from Peugeot a most unusual type of hybrid. The flagship version of the 508 SW range was one of many models unveiled at last month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and with its jacked-up suspension and lavish … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the Month: Toyota Yaris

One of the best superminis on the road just got even better – the third generation Yaris reaches UK showrooms this month. The Yaris has been a smash-hit since day one and the new version comes loaded with state-of-the-art electronics, a swish new interior and a sharper, snazzier appearance, perhaps the improvement it most needed. … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the Month: MINI Coupé

(Originally published August 2011) It’s a fine line between courageous, innovative design and making a pig’s ear of something and – it may be heresy to say so – I actually reckon the new MINI Coupé has landed the wrong side of the line. There’s hardly a shadow of doubt that it will be a … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s car of the month: Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

(Originally published July 2011) Vauxhall Zafira Tourer When Vauxhall unveiled their Zafira Tourer concept at this year’s Geneva Show, the company design chief described it as ‘a lounge on wheels’. He was referring to its levels of comfort and flexibility but the thought of piloting your front parlour through traffic would be as likely to … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Renault Twizy

(Originally published June 2011) Renault Twizy It may look like the grotesque love-child of a 1950s bubble-car and a sci-fi runabout, but the absurdly-named Twizy may soon become a familiar sight on the crowded streets of Europe’s cities. It is the first in Renault’s new world order of electric vehicles and has a pod-style construction, … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Volkswagen Beetle

(Originally published May 2011) Volkswagen Beetle The wraps have come off the next manifestation of the Volkswagen Beetle and while its looks can hardly be described as dramatically different, there’s no doubt that it has a bit of a sporty swagger about it. Since the original, known simply as the Volkswagen, was launched 73 years … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé

(Originally published April 2011) Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé Mercedes say they’re moving into a new market segment with the launch of this ‘compact classic coupé’ and targeting a younger, life-loving, thrusting customer market. That’s if there are any left, presumably. The C-Class Coupé is a sleek, sporty, two-door, four-seater unveiled at the recent Geneva Show and … Continue reading

Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Ferrari FF

(Originally published March 2011) Ferrari FF For most of us mere mortals, the closest we’re likely to get to a Ferrari is when we watch a grand prix on the telly or see one zoom past us at the speed of light on a motorway. That’s no reason to ignore it, though, and the Italian … Continue reading