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Best of British to descend on Brooklands

BRITISH motoring history will be celebrated on Sunday March 4 when Brooklands Museum host their new event, British Marques Day.

Building on the success of their popular annual Austin Morris Day, this event answers the call to create an event that encompasses the scores of vehicles that were made, driven and loved up and down the country during the last 100 years or so.

As well as Bentleys, Rolls Royce and Jaguars, both old and new, the organisers expect to see considerable numbers of Austin and Morris models, together with a substantial contingent of British Leyland vehicles. Names like Allegro, Princess and Marina will undoubtedly bring back memories for some while Alvis, Singer and Wolseley will provide additional class and style.

Many clubs have already shown their support for the event by booking their space in advance and will be on display on the recently reopened Finishing Straight of the Brooklands Race Track, in and around the main Paddock in front of the Clubhouse and in the Motoring Village.

They include Jowett, Invicta, Austin Rover and MG Clubs as well as some real rarities: 20 Vauxhall Firenzas from the ‘Droop Snoot Group’ and a small contingent of signature orange Reliant-built ‘Bond Bugs’ have confirmed their appearance.

Motorcycles have not been forgotten either and space has been allocated for any Triumphs, Nortons, Royal Enfields, Francis-Barnetts or BSAs that turn up on the day.

Commercial vehicles are also welcome and owners of any British taxi, truck, van or bike with livery of any kind will be allocated space on site and be part of the displays.

Owners are invited to take part in the lunchtime cavalcade on the Mercedes-Benz World circuit and, in the afternoon, to tackle the  punishing Test Hill. Registration for these activities will take place on the day and briefings must be attended by drivers and passengers.


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