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MG Day to celebrate 50 years of the MGC

THE 50th birthday of the MGC – the six-cylinder sports car which was intended to replace the iconic Austin Healey 3000 but ended up the victim of internal company politics and bad press – will be a special focus of Brooklands Museum’s annual MG Era day on Sunday April 2.

Another anniversary – the 70th of the post-war Y-Type – will also be marked on this day when all models of the iconic MG marque from 1924 to the present day will be celebrated.

The new MGC was introduced in 1967, but a slating of its performance and handling in the press proved to be an early nail in its coffin. Not only that, but the newly formed British Leyland group, of which MG was a member, also released the Triumph TR6, a car that benefited from some superior Karmann styling.

Two cars competing for the same slice of the market led to the withdrawal of the MGC just two years later.

The MG Y-Type family, which was produced from 1947 to 1953, comprised three models: the four-door MG Y saloon, made from 1947–1951 (later called the MG YA), the MG YT tourer introduced in 1948 and the MG YB saloon.

Along with the dozens of sports cars and sporting saloons of all variants and decades anticipated to be on show, the organisers expect to see a special display of very rare early MGs from the Vintage Register of the MG Car Club. Rare and early vehicles will occupy pride of place in the Paddock area in front of the Edwardian Clubhouse.

The MGF Register will be out in force with a display near the historic Paddock Race Bays and are hoping to feature a special display of rare ‘Monogram’ cars demonstrating the lustrous multi-layered pigment finishes seen adorning these mid-engined models which have a distinctive pearlescent or ‘chromeaflare’ effect.



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