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Anniversaries celebrated at Brooklands’ MG Era Day


THE 80th birthday of the MG TA – the first in a long line of ‘T’ series cars – will be a special focus of Brooklands Museum’s annual MG Era day on Sunday April 10, when all models of this iconic marque from 1924 to the present day will be celebrated.

The new MG TA was introduced in 1936; it was longer, wider and roomier than its predecessor, the P-Type Midget and, together with the TB, TC, TD and TF, the series is now recognised by some as the last of the traditional MG sports cars.

The TA was the first car off the production line at the Abingdon factory after Nuffield sold MG to Morris Motors. In total, 3,003 were made and, despite the despondency of the workforce arising from the consolidation and need for profitability from management, 20 years later in 1956 the Abingdon factory was producing 300 MGAs per week, with around 95% leaving British soil, the highest-ever export percentage for a British-manufactured car.

Along with the dozens of MG ‘T’ series and MGAs of all variants anticipated to be on show, the organisers expect to see a special display of very rare early MGs from the Vintage Register of the MG Car Club.

Other clubs and groups that have already booked to be on site include the MGF Register who will be marking their 21st anniversary this year and are hoping to feature a special display of rare “Monogram” cars demonstrating the lustrous multi-layered pigment finishes seen adorning these mid-engined models which have a distinctive pearlescent or ‘chromeaflare’ effect.

The later BMC era MG Midget will also be celebrated. Now in its 55th year, it remains perhaps one of the most iconic and well-loved MGs of all. Almost 225,000 were produced between 1961 and 1979, through the formation of British Leyland and with countless cosmetic changes throughout its existence, and there will no doubt be plenty of examples to see on the day.

At 1.15pm there will be a cavalcade of MG models on the circuit at Mercedes-Benz World and, back on the Museum site, the famous Test Hill will be open for those brave enough to ascend it at 2.30pm. “Pride and Joy” Awards will be presented at 3.30pm.

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