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TR landmarks to be celebrated

Triumph TRs

THREE of Britain’s best-loved TR sports cars will be celebrating major milestones at this summer’s 25th anniversary Silverstone Classic (July 24-26).

It’s 60 years since the TR3 was born, 50 years since TR4A was introduced and 40 years since the launch of the TR7 – and all three significant birthdays will be marked with massive displays and a memorable circuit parade.

The TR Register – in partnership with the TR Drivers Club and Triumph Sports Six Club – has teamed up with the event organiser to ensure a huge turn-out and more than 100 models are expected to join in the festivities.

When released in 1955, the Triumph TR3 was a considerable progression from the TR2. Most notably, perhaps, it was the first British series production car to feature disc brakes.

Ten years later the Triumph TR4A was introduced, again showcasing significant steps forward in sports car engineering with its independent rear suspension and revised styling to fit the requirements for indictor repeaters in the vital American market.

The most radical evolution in Triumph sports car designs, however, came in 1975 with the bold, slashing wedge styling of the TR7. The newcomer featured a monocoque, MacPherson strut suspension, an overhead cam ‘slant-4’ engine and initially was offered as a fixed roof coupe.

Though much maligned at the time, the TR7 became the best selling of all the TRs and has enjoyed something of a renaissance with enthusiasts and collectors in recent times. Surviving cars in good condition are becoming more and more sought-after as their rarity increases. 

A full range of all three TRs will be on show for the public to savour at the Classic, alongside key variants from the legendary marque’s successful racing and rallying programmes.

As part of the comprehensive infield showcase, the TR Register is aiming to recreate the TR7’s Motor Show launch display from 1975. Classic car enthusiasts will be welcome on the stand throughout the three-day event where they will be able to meet owners and learn more about these magical models.

The highlight of the weekend’s birthday celebrations, though, will be the special parade staged on the full Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. This is scheduled for Saturday evening shortly before Status Quo take to the main stage.

“This summer’s Silver Jubilee Silverstone Classic is going to be very, very special for lots of great reasons and this trio of outstanding TR anniversaries is certainly one of those,” said Event Director Nick Wigley.

“Along with MG, the TR brand is synonymous with a glorious age when these wonderful British sports cars ruled the world. We’d be delighted to be celebrating one TR birthday, so to have three is just fantastic.”

The TR anniversaries are three of more than 30 that will be marked at this year’s Silverstone Classic. A record number of 116 clubs have already registered for dedicated in-field displays, suggesting last year’s record of 9,000 privately-owned classics on show will be surpassed in July.




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