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Supercars at Wilton House


SUNSHINE rewarded fans who braved earlier rain to enjoy some of the most spectacular cars in the world, old and new, on the beautiful lawns at Wilton House, near Salisbury, for this year’s Wilton Classic Supercar event.

The sun glinted off drying raindrops on the sleek bonnets of the cars – from Lord Pembroke’s own 288 GTO to the all-new Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster, which made its global debut at Wilton, ahead of its official launch at Pebble Beach.

The new rally stage was a huge success, with crowds enjoying the rare spectacle of iconic group B rally cars in action, powersliding around the tree at the turnaround point and spitting gravel high into the air on the track through the valley.

The Head to Head theme was the centerpiece, with two Mercedes as the centerpiece – the modern SLS nose to nose with Lord Pembroke’s 60-year-old 300 SL gullwing, both cars with their iconic doors raised to the sky.

Classic Cars: The EFG paddock sported some exceptional classic cars, including: Bugatti EB110 “Beirut” Porsche 911 BMW 507 Ferrari 250 SWB SEFAC Hot Rod Ferrari California Spider (1958) Amilcar C6 Race car Bristol 400 bodied by Pinifarina Bentley supercharged “Blower” (Le Mans winner).

Bloodhound Visitors were also able to see the Bloodhound, the car built to attempt to break the 1,000mph barrier in South Africa in the coming months. Richard Noble was on hand to speak to fans.

Supercars As ever, the supercar parade attracted thousands of fans, as everything from a Mclaren P1 to a De Tomaso Pantera, Ferrari 599s and Aston Martin Vanquishes roared and snarled their way along the avenue. Supercars in the displays included: McLaren P1 (chassis 001) McLaren 650s Lamborghini Huracan Mercedes SLS Gumpert Apollo McLaren F1 XP5 (world record car).

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