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My Alfa 147


FIVE minutes behind of the wheel of my 147 helped me get over my sorrow at parting with my beloved 156.

The new one was a metallic blue 2002 model. Its 2-litre engine was smooth and responsive and the car was a joy to drive.

Although I had formed a deep and meaningful relationship with the big 156 saloon, the hatchback configuration of the 147 was more useful and the smaller, lighter body helped make the car even quicker.

I bought it, from Red Motori at Spetisbury, near Blandford, in November 2007, for a fiver short of £6k (they took the previous car in p/x) and I felt it was, pound for pound, as good a car as I had ever owned.

The only reason I moved it on four years later (for another 147, in fact) was because of its age: by late 2011, it was over nine years old and I reckoned it was time for a younger model.



One thought on “My Alfa 147

  1. I have a 159 SW, Alfa’s are such awesome cars to drive! Have fun with yours! 😉

    Posted by Louisvdv | March 7, 2014, 11:17 am

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