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Route announced for the 1000 Mile Trial

The 1932 Rolls Royce Phantom II

The 1932 Rolls Royce Phantom II

THE 1000 Mile Trial will take drivers on an epic classic car rally across the United Kingdom that will closely follow the original route taken by daring motorists more than a century ago.

A celebration of the event, first run in 1900, is to be recreated from July 12-19 by the Royal Automobile Club in partnership with the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO), and will be a qualifying round of the 2014 HERO Cup, in association with EFG International. The event will also be included in the packed Year of Homecoming celebrations in Scotland.

Patrick Burke, joint Managing Director of HERO, said: “We will follow the original route as much as possible but in many places the roads used in 1900 either no longer exist or are now major trunk roads.”

He added: “The event is to have up to four regularities and two or three tests per day, many on the original test areas and hill climbs, and will also visit several stately homes and venues. However, unlike the first run of the 1000 Mile Trial, the crews will start the event and finish at Woodcote Park.”

On July 13, eighty pre-1940 cars will tackle the first test of this adventure which will be the hill climb from the RAC’s Woodcote Park clubhouse, up the Club’s Captain’s Drive, towards Epsom Downs. 

Ben Cussons, Chairman of the Royal Automobile Club’s Motoring Committee, said: “There is an air of excitement in anticipation of seeing the cars head up the Captain’s Drive from our Woodcote Park clubhouse to begin the 1000 Mile Trial. It is a fitting venue from which to start the Trial, which will closely follow the route taken by the pioneering motorists of 1900, and we are thrilled to be hosting the start of that epic journey.”

Entries so far include a 1932 Rolls Royce Phantom II, which is coming out of the Caramulo Museum in Portugal specifically to take part in the event, and an original 1929 Bugatti Type 37A once owned by Tazio Nuvolari, the famous Italian motorcycle and race car driver.

The 1000 Mile Trial is open to cars manufactured before 1940. Entries are still available.

For further information visit: http://www.heroevents.eu/Events/thousand_mile_trial/



One thought on “Route announced for the 1000 Mile Trial

  1. Aww, what a nice ride. I am over here in the us and found your post here on cars and just triggered a thought when you talked about the drive you guys take. Sounds awesome. Some of the best view while you are driving.

    Posted by chicagoautoauction | December 24, 2013, 5:45 pm

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