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Rare 1911 Vulcan comes to auction


THE occasional house clear-out is lamentable but unavoidable for most self-respecting classic car buffs, but it takes on a new perspective in the case of an avid collector, who resisted the pressure to do so for 28 years, after his house became his garage.  

In 1985, he parked his 1911 Vulcan two-seat tourer in the hallway of his home, with the intention of admiring it there just for the day.

More than 10,000 days later, following the owner’s death, the voluminous front door to the hallway was opened and the car wheeled onto the patio on the first part of its journey to auction on Saturday, November 30, at Historics at Brooklands, in Surrey

This very rare and original 15.9hp Vulcan tourer with dicky seat – it is believed that fewer than ten remain worldwide – was manufactured by Vulcan Motor and Engineering in Southport, Merseyside, nine years after the company was formed in 1902 by brothers Thomas and Joseph Hampson.

Well-maintained throughout its life, this Vulcan was regularly dusted, polished and cosseted as any other household ornament while in the hallway, and is presented in completely original condition but for period replacement lights and bulb horn. It still has the original grey coach paint, coachlined in gold, with opulent brown button-back leather seating and contrasting fawn roof and side screens.

Having been kept in a warm dry environment for so many years, the Vulcan is in fine condition and is now fully commissioned, serviced and running as it did in 1911, powered by a four-cylinder, two-litre engine. 

It comes to sale at Historics supplied with a V5C registration document, an old-style ‘buff’ log book and other papers.

Due to the scarcity of Vulcan cars, this is a unique opportunity to purchase a piece of British motoring history and an investment for the future. Brisk bidding is anticipated at an estimate of £27,000-£33,000.



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