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Aussie adventurers devastated as world record bid fails


A NEW world record attempt by Vintage Adventurer Rod Wade and his co-driver Michael Flanders ended in heartbreak as the 1930 Ford Model A broke down beyond repair, putting a halt on their challenge to drive from New York to Los Angeles against the clock.

The challenge came to an end just outside Amarillo, Texas, with over 1,700 miles already clocked up, when the car suffered a broken crankshaft. The drivers were maintaining a good pace after losing a few hours to an overheating problem in Zanesville, Ohio.

Rod and Michael were devastated when the breakdown occurred and tried every possible remedy to get the car back on the road but when they discovered the crankshaft had split they knew it was all over. The car was towed to a nearby storage area while the drivers, in a rented car, continue their journey to Los Angeles.

Driver Rod had said prior to departure: “The only thing that’s going to stop us from getting there are the two Fs: mental fatigue and fatigue of the car. Because it is 80 odd years old, anything can break anywhere.”

Having had a night to think on Tuesday’s breakdown, Rod added: “This is not over. We’ll be back to set that record – and soon. Failure is not an option.”



One thought on “Aussie adventurers devastated as world record bid fails

  1. thats a real shame! good luck next time boys

    Posted by envyxf | October 18, 2013, 4:26 am

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