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An electric surprise by the roadside

WANDERING around London’s bustling Covent Garden area yesterday, I made my first-ever sighting of what remains to us in the provinces a motoring rarity – an electric-powered Nissan Leaf plugged into a recharging point at the roadside.

There was no sign of the owner, although I daresay he hadn’t gone far, and Yours Truly seemed to be the only passer-by showing the faintest interest in what, in an odd sort of way, seemed a rather private and intimate activity!

The Leaf, of course, has been a much celebrated and decorated vehicle and no doubt the time will come when electric cars and recharging stations are a common sight alongside the roads of Dorset and Somerset.

For the moment, though, the sight of a car refuelling via a power cable rather than through a petrol pump nozzle remains a novelty.

Nissan Leaf 1

Nissan Leaf 2 Nissan Leaf 3



One thought on “An electric surprise by the roadside

  1. Hope we see more and more of these (car and chargers) in our streets 🙂

    Posted by Robin Cook | January 3, 2013, 11:00 am

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