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The hi-tech key to safer driving

“CAN I borrow the car tonight, Dad?” It’s the dreaded question that has made many a parent’s blood run cold over the years. Do you say no and trigger a teenage tantrum and a week-long sulk? Or do you agree and spend the evening waiting anxiously for the phone call from A & E, the … Continue reading

My Toyota Carina

MY next company-owned Carina was a red five-door version which I got around 1996. Its registration was N135PCG. It proved every bit as reliable and comfortable as the white one had been. Most of its working life was spent either on the daily commute or on business journeys around the south of England. However, I … Continue reading

Pictures of the week 064

Night-glow roads get the green light

NECESSITY is the mother of invention, it’s said, and a good example of it may be about to herald the biggest road safety breakthrough since Percy Shaw, of Halifax, Yorkshire, invented cat’s eyes. Fears of increased night-time road danger and casualties in the wake of the mass switch-off of street lights right across Europe as … Continue reading

Pictures of the week 063

Woman fails driving theory test 105 times

IT’S well-known that some people just can’t do exams. They’re bright and capable when it comes to day-to-day life but slap an exam paper in front of them and they panic and freeze. That, perhaps, is what afflicts an unnamed woman from Ilford, Essex, when it comes to her driving theory test – because she … Continue reading

Pictures of the week 062

Make way for the blue light brigade

SIREN screaming, lights flashing, an emergency vehicle is heading your way at speed and it may be a matter of life or death. So what do you do? If you’re at traffic lights, they’re showing red so you ease past them to allow the ambulance, fire engine or police car to get through, you are … Continue reading

Restoration show beats the snow

A WEEKEND of sun, rain and eight inches of snow could do nothing to dampen the spirits of exhibitors and visitors to this year’s Footman James Vehicle Classic Vehicle Restoration Show. Despite the weather, organisers welcomed 5,000 visitors to the 12th annual show, which took place at the Bath & West Showground, near Shepton Mallet. … Continue reading

Pictures of the week 061