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2012 Car of the Month

Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Peugeot 208

REMEMBER the brilliant Peugeot 205 and what a great little performer it was? Fortunately some people at Peugeot have rediscovered the formula and produced another cracking little hatchback.

After following up the high-spirited, distinctive 205 with the rather bland and disappointing 206 and 207, Peugeot seem to have got the recipe right with their latest manifestation, a snazzy little car that epitomises the French carmaker’s steady ascent of the quality ladder.

The 208  is smaller and lighter than its predecessor but roomier inside. It arrives with a generous choice of eight engines – five petrol, including a new 3-cylinder, 1.0-litre job, and three diesel – and five trim levels. It is available in three- or five-door variants and prices go from a fiver under £10k. 

The little Pug comes loaded with nice flourishes, which discerning modern buyers have come to expect, and the touchscreen system, available on all but the most basic model, controls all your gadgets from iPod to sat-nav, and has had rave reviews.

With some hot competition from theFar East, not to mention Ford’s latest Fiesta, Peugeot had to get this one right. By all accounts, they have.

MM verdict: At last the car is as slick as the marketing.


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