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2012 Car of the Month

Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Volkswagen CC

THIS is the latest manifestation of the car formerly known as the Passat CC, so the name has been slimmed down and zapped up in much the same way as the car itself.

The CC has a new, slinkier look and technological clever stuff bursting wherever you look, such as touchscreen sat-nav, digital radio, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, climate control and a heap of safety features.

Prices go from £24,200 for the 1.8 TSI six-speed manual, all the way up to a touch over £30k for the GT 2.0-litre TDI with VW’s famed BlueMotion technology.

The CC looks a nice blend of four-door practicality with coupé styling and the redesign has brought it bang up to date. And with a Volkswagen badge, a fair degree of street cred comes as standard.

The name’s a bit odd for the British market, though, because CC has come to mean coupé-convertible and this one definitely has a hard roof.

MM verdict: Serious contender in a competitive market segment dominated by quality German rivals.


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