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Pictures of the week 034

End of the road for Rachel and her car

THINKING of buying a used car? There’s one coming up for sale in Florida this summer that may fit the bill. It’s a 1964 model Mercury Comet Caliente, it has had one lady owner since it left the showroom and it’s travelled well over half-a-million miles. And the reason it’s going to be sold is … Continue reading

Pictures of the week 033

A simple way to cut your fuel bill

UNDER-inflated tyres, as we have all had drummed into us, can be dangerous. Insufficient air pressure can make a car unstable, cause uneven wear and lead to a stern lecture from traffic police. But there are two other serious down sides too: greater road resistance from under-inflated tyres causes greater toxic emissions to damage the … Continue reading

Replica classic Jags catch the eye at auction

THE Charterhouse auction of classic and vintage cars on Sunday April 22 offers collectors a great opportunity to buy two icons of motoring for a fraction of their real cost. Matthew Whitney, motoring specialist at the Sherborne-based auctioneers, said: “The auction includes all the great names of classic motor cars such as Rolls Royce, Porsche, … Continue reading

Pictures of the week 032

Beaulieu celebrates 40th anniversary

Beaulieu is holding a May Day Cavalcade on Bank Holiday Monday, May 7, to celebrate 40 years since the opening of the National Motor Museum in 1972. There will be period and classic vehicles representative of the museum’s collection over the past 40 years but the organisers would like help in creating a stunning line-up … Continue reading

A flight of fancy from DeLorean?

REMEMBER the DeLorean, the futuristic sports car with gullwing doors, built in Northern Ireland, plagued by problems and scandal and best remembered for its role as a film car? Well if you thought the story had long ago passed into legend, never to be revived, think again because the star of ‘Back to the Future’ … Continue reading

Pictures of the week 031

New York Auto Show pictures L-Z