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My Ford Capri Mk I

(Picture is not the actual car)

ALTHOUGH it might seem far-fetched now, buying this first generation Capri in December 1976 represented a real leap forward in my motoring life.

It was the first time I had bought a car from a proper, official dealer – in this case it was the Ford dealership in Salisbury – but it was also the first time I had bought a car on hire purchase, so it seemed somehow more straightforward.

I took the move upmarket in despair after having owned a succession of unreliable vehicles barely above the banger category, and I was glad I took the plunge.

The Capri was a Mark l 1600cc version of what was, at the time, one of the coolest coupés around, in stark contrast to the 1800. It cost £795, I think. It was a 1971 model, registration number WCR 891 J.

The Capri was metallic silver when I bought it but after a year or two I had it repainted white with a black roof; I cannot for the life of me think why!

I remember enjoying the car very much and don’t recall too many serious problems with it, although no doubt there were plenty because problems were a hallmark among mass-produced cars of that era.

At all events, I was so smitten by the Capri brand at the time that, when the time came to change it, in October 1980, I went for another one.



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