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My cars

My Mini Countryman

(Picture is not the actual car)

ALTHOUGH the Countryman really belonged to Mrs Mouth so would normally be excluded from my list, I feel it warrants its place because of its heroism over quite a few years.

We owned it from about February 1972 to July 1974 and the Mini proved a tough little character that dealt admirably with all that was demanded of it. It was a 1961 model with the registration number YWV986.

It was pressed into use whenever either the Jag refused to start – it was used to tow its heavyweight stablemate on several occasions – or because something bulky needed to be transported; the Countryman was never found wanting.

It was green, like the one pictured, but its wooden bits were less well preserved. It cost little to buy, little in the way of running costs and we probably sold it for peanuts but it deserved the affection of the whole family for its achievements.


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