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Motoring life on a warmer planet

WITH the arrival of wintry weather and widespread forecasts of worse to come, motoring experts are elbowing one another aside in order to pass on their pearls of wisdom. As well as the usual, common-sense advice like driving more cautiously, employing a gentler right foot on brake and accelerator and so on, there have been … Continue reading

Pictures of the week 017

Sports Mercedes the star lot

A FINE collection of historic cars was offered at Dorset Vintage and Classic Auctions’ end-of-year sale, held at the Gartell Light Railway, Yenston, near Templecombe, Somerset. A beautiful 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190SL was the star of the sale; the superb, restored example sold to a private enthusiast for £55,000, proving that valuable motor cars continue to … Continue reading

Resistance is futile – it’s time for a change

THERE comes a time, every once in a while, when a chap needs to change his car. It’s not necessarily for any good reason – it’s just an urge thing. I’d like to say it’s because the old one was unreliable, or too thirsty, or that I needed something bigger/smaller/more economical/greener or whatever. But if … Continue reading

My Mini Countryman

(Picture is not the actual car) ALTHOUGH the Countryman really belonged to Mrs Mouth so would normally be excluded from my list, I feel it warrants its place because of its heroism over quite a few years. We owned it from about February 1972 to July 1974 and the Mini proved a tough little character … Continue reading

Pictures of the week 016

Geely to lead the Chinese invasion

FIRST there was the Japanese invasion and more recently the Koreans have made big inroads into the British car market. Now it’s China’s turn to grab a slice of the action. The Chinese carmaker Geely has announced that it is to launch in the UK, with the first cars arriving here in less than a … Continue reading

My Jaguar Mk II

(Picture is not the actual car) AFTER the embarrassment of owning a Singer Vogue, I guess the Jag was the backlash. I’d loved Jaguars all my life but had been cautioned that they were not a car for a hard-up young family man to run. Yes, they were cheap to buy second-hand but that was … Continue reading

Ford to join the classic car show

THE opening major classic car event of 2012 has expanded and will feature a new show running alongside it. The Footman James Great Western Autojumble will be joined by The Ford Show, both taking place at the Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, over February 11-12. The main autojumble has become a staple event on … Continue reading

Pictures of the week 015