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My Triumph TR2

(Picture is not the actual car)

 MUCH as I loved my British Racing Green Triumph TR2, surely as macho a sports car as they come, I knew it would only be a fairly short-term transport as it was hopelessly impractical for family motoring.

Pathetic though it is to confess, I took it in a straight swap with an acquaintance because it seemed the simplest way – if not the only way – of ridding myself of my highly troublesome Mini Cooper

The hardtop TR2, registration number WBH 445, was of 1955 vintage and I acquired it in February 1971. It was in superb condition, had been fitted with overdrive on all its four forward gears, and was an absolute joy to own and to drive.

Within a few weeks, in late March of 1971, I had used it to complete another swap, this time for a Ford Cortina GT that belonged to a friend of a friend. The beautiful TR2 went to live in Surrey.


2 thoughts on “My Triumph TR2

  1. I was the guy that bought it for just £300 in 1971 & kept if for 10 years I wonder where WBH 455 is now ?

    Posted by andrewhammond2012 | August 18, 2014, 7:13 pm
    • Well what an extraordinary coincidence! Thank you so very much for letting me know. I hope you enjoyed it. Ten years is a long time to keep a car so I guess you must have loved it. If it’s still going, it will be worth some serious money now.

      Posted by Mister Motor Mouth | August 18, 2014, 10:00 pm

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