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2011 Car of the Month

Motor Mouth’s Car of the Month: Toyota Yaris

One of the best superminis on the road just got even better – the third generation Yaris reaches UK showrooms this month.

The Yaris has been a smash-hit since day one and the new version comes loaded with state-of-the-art electronics, a swish new interior and a sharper, snazzier appearance, perhaps the improvement it most needed.

After all the problems the Japanese giant has had to deal with – model recalls, an earthquake, a tsunami and the nuclear nightmare – it is good to know they have a project they can rely on.

The Yaris has three low-emission, fuel-efficient engines. There is a 1.4-litre diesel and two petrol engines – 1.0-litre and 1.33-litre, the latter with stop-start technology and reputedly an astonishing fuel economy figure of 74.9mpg.

Standard equipment on most cars will be a new thing called Toyota Touch & Go. It may sound like a combined shampoo and conditioner but it is actually a highly sophisticated computerised entertainment and sat-nav system.

MM verdict: probably the best car in its class.



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