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2010 Car of the Week

Motor Mouth’s Car of the week: Lamborghini Reventón Roadster

At a cool 1.1 million euros (plus tax), you probably can’t afford one and even if you could, they’re only building about 20 so you wouldn’t be able to get one.

Lambo’s spectacular open-top, four-wheel-drive, two-seat supercar has a 6.5-litre, 12-cylinder engine, has a top speed of 205mph, and goes from zero to 62mph in a face-stretching 3.4 seconds.

With usual modesty, the manufacturers are calling it ‘a fast-moving technical sculpture’ and it certainly is a thing of dazzling beauty. It is being produced only in a shade of matt grey, which has special metal bits in it to reflect the sun. Obviously that’s an Italian sun.

MM verdict: Dream on – buy a few houses instead.



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