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2011 Car of the Month

Motor Mouth’s Car of the Month: MINI Coupé

(Originally published August 2011)

It’s a fine line between courageous, innovative design and making a pig’s ear of something and – it may be heresy to say so – I actually reckon the new MINI Coupé has landed the wrong side of the line.

There’s hardly a shadow of doubt that it will be a cracking little car in all respects and will attract plenty of eager customers, but to my eyes it’s the ugly sister of the MINI family. I dislike its proportions and reckon it looks as though it has been sat on by Eric Pickles after a bun-eating contest.

Whatever, it will be on sale from October, MINI’s first two-seater sports model will handle like a souped-up go-kart, be as quick and nimble as anything in its class and will hold its value better than most.

The Coupé will be built in Oxford and have an engine range of three petrol and one diesel. Prices will go from £16,640 all the way up to £23,798 for the range-topping John Cooper Works Coupé.

MM verdict: Less of a cert than its four MINI cousins.




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