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All I want for Christmas is a Lambo bauble

CALLING supercar fans – if you fancy the idea of finding something gleaming orange and bearing the famous Lamborghini emblem under your Christmas tree this year, I have great news. No, it’s not a visit from the Lottery people with a big fat cheque or a gigantic legacy from a distant aunt – in fact, … Continue reading

Another drive to end the gridlock

IT didn’t arrive with a screech of tyres or a drum roll, it just sort of crept up on us gradually, but there can be little doubt that the grim future of an island paralysed by gridlocked roads has arrived. The omens have been there for decades as Britain’s road-building and traffic management programmes have … Continue reading

Football fans enjoy the numbers game

WEST Ham United are being hotly tipped to oust Arsenal from their perch at the top of the table. No, no, wait – you haven’t accidentally turned to the sports pages. Let me explain . . . We are talking number plates here – DVLA Personalised Registrations, to be strictly accurate – and it seems … Continue reading

Days of whine and road rage

THOSE halcyon days when we took the car out purely for the joy of driving have all but vanished for most British drivers, it seems. A toxic combination of bad drivers, speed cameras, traffic jams, expensive petrol and traumatic parking has made driving in Britain a miserable experience for 57 per cent of motorists. That … Continue reading

Head north for a low-cost service

IF you’ve ever grumped about the cost of labour when you’ve taken your car in for service or repair – and who hasn’t? – then spare a thought for those unfortunates who have chosen to give their business to a certain garage in London. It is the country’s most expensive car dealer and it stings … Continue reading

Comings and goings make motoring history

AUCTIONS have always had the power to fascinate, whether you’re buying, selling or just observing. Nowadays they’re everywhere you look – dominating daytime TV and obsessing computer users. But there’s something special about car auctions. Every time the hammer comes down and a vehicle finds a new owner, another little chapter of motoring history is … Continue reading

Fast and furious – but is it sport?

FORMULA One, we are repeatedly told, has several squillion avid fans in every part of the world. I wonder why. It’s ferociously competitive, of course, and demands vast amounts of skill and courage. But is it sport? Can we really look at it in the same bracket as, say, track and field or boxing? Pure … Continue reading

Where does all the money go?

DEPRECIATION – it is the invisible thief that steals great chunks of your car’s value every day of its life. And yet few of us take it much into account when choosing which car to buy in the first place. Most of us probably think depreciation is going to hit us whatever we drive so … Continue reading

Fashion victims in the eyewear stakes

AS anyone who was alive in the Seventies will happily testify, fashion can be a seriously dangerous thing. Now from a motoring standpoint, scary trousers, precarious footwear, silly hats and string vests could hardly be called safety hazards. But sunglasses can, apparently. Women drivers more concerned with fashion than road safety are being accused of … Continue reading

Highway robbery – and it’s quite legal

A FIRM which lifted a pensioner’s car ready to tow it away within ten minutes of his leaving it – and charged £334 to put it back on the ground – has been named as the latest winner of the RAC Foundation’s Dick Turpin Award.  The winner, ISTM Group Ltd, patrols estates throughout London, and … Continue reading