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2011 Car of the Month

Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Ferrari FF

(Originally published March 2011)

Ferrari FF

For most of us mere mortals, the closest we’re likely to get to a Ferrari is when we watch a grand prix on the telly or see one zoom past us at the speed of light on a motorway.

That’s no reason to ignore it, though, and the Italian makers of the world’s most glamorous cars have come up with another achingly beautiful model – with a few significant differences.

Because the FF in the title is an acronym for Ferrari Four and refers to the car’s four seats and, for the first time, four-wheel drive. Yes, even Ferrari is getting in on the trend, although I can’t imagine that this curvy beauty would be too special trekking across muddy fields.

But it can, apparently, comfortably accommodate four people, along with their hand-stitched, personalised luggage, and its in-car spec and appearance are all you’d expect of the Prancing Horse.

It gets its considerable oomph from a 6.2-litre V12 engine, and it can propel you to 60mph in a spine-stinging 3.7 seconds and on to a maximum speed of 208mph. Probably slower cross-country, though.

MM verdict: a spectacularly beautiful irrelevance.



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