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2010 Car of the Week

Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Suzuki Swift

(Originally published October 2010)

Suzuki Swift

THE compact supermini segment becomes more competitive by the day as a cost-conscious world wants lower costs but still demands quality, driveability, technological know-how and all the things they expect of bigger cars.

Those who really know their onions have been saying good things about the Swift for some time now, reckoning it edges out plenty of better-known badges on the fun-to-own scale, while such fringe benefits as a modest price tag and bags of built-in extras are highly welcome to boot.

The all-new Swift, which has just reached UK showrooms, arrives loaded with good things and impressive stats: it’s the cleanest in its class, its in the £30-a-year road tax bracket, its 1.2-litre is among the most powerful engines in its segment, it will do 56mpg, it has seven airbags as standard and it can be sitting on your drive for under £10k.

Suzuki’s slogan is that driving a compact car does not mean settling for less and that is no hollow message with the Swift.

MM verdict: A newcomer likely to shake up the supermini sector.



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