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2010 Car of the Week

Motor Mouth’s Car of the month: Aston Martin Cygnet

(Originally published November 2010)

Aston Martin Cygnet

THINK Aston Martin and what springs to mind? High-performance sports cars? Long-range tourers? Well, the Cygnet is coming and it is going to add an unlikely new dimension to the image of this most exclusive British marque.

It is a city car – a super-luxurious, sumptuously finished tiny megastar and when it hits the showrooms next year, it will carry Aston Martin into a whole new area. It is an acknowledgement that carbon-belching, fuel-guzzling supercars may not be the route to long-term profitability.

Other than the fact that the baby Aston is based on the Toyota iQ but with so many knobs on that it will be almost beyond recognition, few hard facts have been disclosed. The company stress that quality will not be compromised by its three-metre length, emphasising its manoeuvrability, low emissions and fuel economy. Each car will be hand-finished and personalised. ‘Luxury is not constrained by scale’, they say.

From the pictures, it looks like an iQ playing dressing-up games and it’s likely to appeal to people with big wallets, small garages and no small measure of brand snobbery. Prices are still secret but £30k has been whispered.

MM verdict: Whatever next – a Ferrari pick-up?



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