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2010 Car of the Week

Motor Mouth’s Car of the Month: Nissan Micra

(Originally published August 2010)

Nissan Micra

Global cars are all the rage among the big manufacturers because of the cost efficiencies and the fourth generation of Nissan’s hugely popular city car is the latest in the trend.

The downside, though, is that they tend to look a little bland and the new Micra doesn’t exactly dazzle with the retro shape of its predecessor, even if it does cram masses of very clever technology into its slightly larger package.

The Micra will be sold in 160 countries – so genuinely global then – and will be launched with a three-cylinder, 1.2-litre, petrol engine, available in naturally aspirated or supercharged form. The latter will have stop-start as standard.

The newcomer, which is due in the UK this autumn, comes loaded with the latest innovations, including reversing sensors, a so-called ‘intelligent key’ system and much more that had previously been the preserve of larger, more expensive models. It also boasts a level of emissions lower than Peter Mandelson’s popularity rating.

MM verdict: A great little package – if you like small and you don’t mind Nissans.



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