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Taxing times for motorists

TIME was when we all paid the same for our car tax. Owners of small, economical cars grumbled about paying the same as owners of limos and gas guzzlers and it never seemed very fair. That’s all changed now, of course, with higher charges for larger engine sizes – and as of last week, a … Continue reading

Phones mean points – on your licence

YOU need a law degree nowadays to keep up with all the legislation that this poke-your-nose-in government showers on us – and the poor old motorist seems to be a sitting target. So much of it is a thinly disguised attempt to screw more revenue for the treasury but there are some laws, predominantly in … Continue reading

Road giants going downhill fast

GAS-GLUGGING giant four-by-fours seem to be under attack from all quarters at the moment. They have become the George W. Bush of the motoring world – their support shrivelling and their behaviour indefensible. Legislators, national and local, have them in their sights, visualising bags of kudos and sacks of votes as they assume the role … Continue reading

A strange rate of exchange

IMAGINE spending years restoring a rare and wonderful vintage car and then kicking the bucket before the task was finished. Pretty sickening, I’m sure you’d agree. Then imagine your widow, covered in confusion, deciding to trade it in – on a miserable little one-litre Daihatsu Sirion. Personally I’d come back and haunt her. But that … Continue reading

Tyred and emotional

IN the great, rough-and-tumble world of commerce and business, I have been going through something of a bad patch of late. Whether dealing with the giants of industry by phone or trying to carry out the simplest purchase in a local shop, I seem to have been a victim of bad bio-rhythms. It’s reached the … Continue reading

Mercy killing helped to save an industry

FOR all the benefits that the car scrappage scheme has undoubtedly produced, there’s a rather sad aspect in that so many old vehicles have ended up as grotesque cubes of crushed metal. It’s a bit like euthanasia for cars and every one of the near-400,000 vehicles that have met this grisly end must have meant … Continue reading

What a song and dance!

I’M always struck by a mix of anger and amusement when a car trundles through the traffic with its windows down and its sound system screaming out at a million decibels. I fume at the selfishness of the driver, who has decided it is fine to roll down the windows and share his or her … Continue reading

Colt kicks out the favourites

SO what do you think are the biggest-selling cars in the UK at the moment? Those who said Fords and Vauxhalls can go to the top of the class – not that it was a difficult question, now was it? February sales figures for England show the Ford Focus was the top seller, followed by … Continue reading

A road to nowhere

THE economic disease that has forced the closure of countless village shops, post offices and pubs is also claiming our rural petrol stations. Last year, 12 filling stations closed on average every week in the UK – a total of some 600 outlets. It left fewer than 10,000 fuel outlets open. This is, incredibly, the … Continue reading

Test the golden oldies

NOW here’s a scary thought: there are 23,000 drivers on British roads who are over 91 years old. Most of these very senior citizens were born before the start of the Great War, yet few of them have undergone any sort of check to ensure that their reactions and general health are fully up to … Continue reading